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36852 Do not use for blacklisting cpan-questions new 78 minutes ago
36851 Finiquitos y liquidaciones cpan-questions new 16 hours ago
36850 Secretos para vender por teléfono cpan-questions new 17 hours ago
36849 DHL Shipment Arrival Notification cpan-questions new 19 hours ago
36848 Planes de carrera y sucesión. cpan-questions new 37 hours ago
36847 Presupuestos y proyecciones de rentabilidad cpan-questions new 40 hours ago
36846 Ortografía para profesionistas y negocios cpan-questions new 3 days ago
36845 Genere Contenido y Ventas cpan-questions new 3 days ago
36828 Dark Theme unreadable textarea box RT new 7 days ago
36808 Incorrect processing of messages that using both S/MIME and PGP. RT new 13 days ago
36716 RT 4.4.3 generates non-RFC-compliant MIME structures RT open 6 weeks ago
36710 Extensions document points to stale link RT new 7 weeks ago
36674 [error]: Can't use string ("P3_OfficeHours") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at /opt/rt5/sbin/../lib/RT/ line 2587, <GEN50> line 175. RT new 2 months ago
36624 Make message textbox selected by default on reply/comment screen RT new 3 months ago
36598 Enhancement: provide a not_name and not_email option when shredding users. RT new 3 months ago
36597 SSO by cookie RT new 3 months ago
36589 Transaction search: new search uses user's custom Ticket search display columns RT new 3 months ago
36575 Order of "broken in" and "fixed in" selection lists cpan-questions open 3 months ago
36558 Editor incorrectly warns about missing attachment RT new 3 months ago
36557 Links constructed for RelatedData don't use WebPath RT new 3 months ago

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